Resignation letter

April 29, 2013

Mayor and City Council,

I am submitting to you my resignation as City Administrator. I have accepted a new position as Budget Officer of the City of Kansas City, Missouri, tentatively to begin at the end of May pending final preparations.

It has been a great pleasure serving the City of East Grand Forks since 2008. The experience I have gained here has been invaluable. I treasure the relationships that we have built. And, I am proud of the accomplishments to which we have worked hard for nearly five years. We have greatly increased the City’s communication and interaction with the public and with the media. We have streamlined services and kept levies and budgets in line despite continued state aid cuts. We have reinvested in capital and maintenance that was largely neglected during periods of uncertainty. We have forged sustainable agreements with bargaining groups. And, we have endured through flood events in four of the five springs during which I have been in East Grand Forks.

I was blessed to choose between two exciting positions each in cities that I love. My decision was arduous. And, with my family, we put a great deal of careful consideration and planning into this move.

My last day in the office is tentatively scheduled for May 17, 2013. I will be available as much as possible through the end of May.

Once again, I thank the Mayor and City Council, and the people of East Grand Forks, for entrusting me to serve you. The City Council took a chance on a relative newcomer nearly five years ago. I am grateful for that trust. And, I hope that my service and accomplishments have returned your investment in that trust. I will always hold East Grand Forks close to my heart. And, I look forward to a prosperous future for the City.


Scott Huizenga
City Administrator