Ignorance is bliss, indeed

As discussed Dan Ariely, facing the truth is a terrible way to be happy. Generally, we humans are content to move along through life with what we regard are near certainties. It is very difficult to change our world views without direct, incontrovertible, and visual evidence to the contrary. For example:

When things are very close to being certain but we are still able to pretend otherwise, we are experts at using this window, small though it may be, and expanding it. For example, lots of people don’t wash their hands after visiting the lavatory, we all know this, but we can happily imagine that everyone that cooks and serves in a restaurant we patronize does. At least until we see a server leave the stall, straighten their shirt in the mirror, and walk out without so much as a rinse. Dinner is served ruined! It’s only when we face direct evidence like this that we can no longer put our heads in the sand.