Council Meeting 12-4-12

The following are the proposed agenda items for Tuesday evening’s regular City Council meeting.  The agenda and packet can be found on the City Council web page.

Note: Tuesday’s Regular City Council meeting will begin at 7:00 pm to comply with state law regarding the public hearing on the 2013 Proposed Budget.

The City Council will hold a public hearing on Tuesday for the first reading of an ordinance to annex property into city limits.  RJ Zavoral and Sons, Inc. has petitioned the City to annex property and improvements on a platted lot east of current city limits on 10th Street NE.  The City Council approved on November 8th a development agreement with the company to extend utilities to the site.

The consent agenda contains the following items:

  • Authorizing the Fire Chief to promote and recruit for the positions of Assistant Fire Chief, Fire Engineer, and Fire Fighter.
  • Approval to promote Megan Nelson to the position of Executive Assistant and authorizing the City Administrator to recruit and fill the position of Accounting Technician.
  • Approval to recruit and hire a vacant Truck Driver position in Public Works.  The position is included in the 2013 Proposed Budget.
  • Consider increasing the Cemetery winter internment rate to $1250.

Item 15 considers authorizing the City Administrator to recruit and fill the new position of City Planner.  The City Planner would oversee the functions of Planning and Zoning, Inspections, Facility Management, ADA coordination, and sustainability.  The position does not directly affect the city budget because it is integrated with existing city functions.

Item 16 considers transferring $500,000 from the Levee Fund to the Water Fund to contribute the Lime Pond project that is substantially complete.  The Water and Light Department had to relocate its former lime pond as part of the original flood control levee project.  Therefore, $500,000 was targeted from the original state and federal grants funds to offset the utility cost.

Items 17 and 18 consider approving the 2012 Proposed Final Budget and Levy.  The hearing will consider a proposed levy increase of 4 percent. The City Council did not raise the levy in 2011 or 2012 Adopted Budgets.  Most properties with stable valuations will not see overall tax increases in 2013 under the proposed levy.