Council Meeting 11-8-2012

The following are the proposed agenda items for Tuesday evening’s regular City Council meeting.  The agenda and packet can be found on the City Council web page.

Note: the Council Meeting is on Thursday rather than Tuesday due to Tuesday’s General Election.

Agenda Items

Item 3 is a Public Hearing to formally adopt the assessment roll on the 15th Street NE reconstruction project.  Property owners were assessed only 30 percent of the total construction per the state aid policy that the Council adopted last year.

Items 4, 5, and 6 are the annual assessment rolls for delinquent mowing and snow removal charges to affected property owners along with the voluntary sidewalk reconstruction assessment. The City contributes $1 per square foot to those property owners who voluntarily replace their sidewalk.

Item 7 considers approving a snow removal agreement between the City and the residents of Pinehurst Court.  The agreement holds the City harmless from any potential liability from agreeing to remove snow in the alley, which is not yet formally dedicated as a public right of way.

Item 8 considers approving the retainer agreement with the City Attorney for three additional years effective January 1, 2013.

Item 9 considers approving the paving of an additional lot in the Water’s Edge 1st addition.  The paving is included in the price of the recent lot sale.

Item 10 is the annual agreement with Lutheran Social Services to allow use of the Senior Citizens Center to serve meals.

Item 12 considers appointing Gary Larson, Interim Fire Chief, to the position of permanent Fire Chief effective November 9, 2012.

Item 13 considers an agreement with Teamsters Local No. 120 to resolve a dispute regarding anniversary dates.  Contract language regarding anniversary dates for promoted employees was allegedly vague.  The agreement allows Dillon Nelson to retain an anniversary date of July 1.  The language clarifies for any future promotion that an employee’s anniversary date shall change to match the date of the promotion.  Mr. Nelson was promoted to the position of Waste Water Operator in January after serving in an interim capacity.

Item 14 considers a development agreement with RJ Zavoral & Sons, Inc. that allows the company to install utility services to its new building that is currently outside City limits.  The building is on the north side of 10th Street NE. The company has already petitioned the City for annexation of the building and platted property.  The annexation hearing will be December 4.  The company will install the water, wastewater, and storm utilities at its own expense, and the City Engineer will certify proper installation.  Utility services will not be activated until annexation is completed.