New November Election Resource

The Office of the Secretary of State has launched a new one-stop online voter information tool called “My Ballot.” And, the City of East Grand Forks has provided a link to this tool on its home page.

On the My Ballot page, when you enter your ZIP code or county, you can find individualized information about the names of candidates that will be on your Nov. 6 ballot, as well as other details such as where to vote, how to apply for absentee ballots, voting procedures, and links to candidate websites. The tool is designed to provide busy Minnesotans with the ability to make informed decisions on Election Day.

The icon below contains a direct link to the My Ballot web page, and it is also available at

Voters can find the following items through My Ballot:

  • A list of candidates and questions that will appear on their ballot in November.
  • A polling place finder that provides voters the address for the polling place where they can cast their ballots on Election Day.
  • A sample ballot of the type that will be used locally on Nov. 6, if the county has provided that information to the Office of the Secretary of State.
  • Online information explaining the process for applying for and casting an absentee ballot if a voter is unable to go to the polling place on Election Day.
  • An explanation of voter registration procedures and a link to information about the status of the voter’s own registration and the deadline for voters to register or re-register if they have moved since the last time they voted.