Weekly Memo 9-21-2012

Each Weekly Memo to the City Council and the agenda packet is also provided on the City Council web page.


Building Inspections RFP

The Request for Propsoals (RFP) for Building Inspections services is available on the City web site (under E-services->Bids/RFPs) and is published in the Exponent.  Proposals are due to the City at 10:00 am on October 2.

Staff vacancies

The Civil Service Commission will interview candidates for the vacant City Clerk position on Thursday, September 27.  The Commission will interview candidates for Fire Chief on Monday, October 1.


Jason Stordahl:  Public Works Department


If you are driving down Patriotism Drive this weekend, you may notice a little difference in the street striping.  We have moved the center line on Patriotism Dr. between 3rd ST NW and 4th ST NW.  We are doing this for two reasons.  The first reason is to make the driving lanes line up at the intersection Patriotism Dr. NW and 3rd ST NW.  The second reason is to make more room in the parking lot, so we can add more parking spaces.  We will be observing traffic flow on Patriotism Dr. this fall/winter, and if all goes well we will continue striping in this new configuration.


For all residence that signed up for the Recycle Bank contest, please remember to continue to report.  And for all that have not signed up yet, it is not too late!  And we encourage you to do so.  For information on the Recycle Bank program you can contact the Public Works Department at 218-773-1313.

Jim Richter: EDHA

For Your Information

The Simplot property on Hwy 2 and 220 has been cleared of all four buildings that have marked that location for over 50 years. Any opportunity you have to thank Simplot for being a good corporate citizen please do so. James Kim, Raw Product Manager, acting on behalf of Simplot brought this project to this level with a lot of hard work. Mr. Dick Grassel was also very instrumental in working with Simplot management to get us here.

Gary Larson Interim Fire Chief

East Grand Forks Fire Dept.

The Fire Dept recently advertised for Paid On Call firefighters. Our current employees called people whom they thought would be good candidates as well we advertised in the paper and online. We ended up with 23 people applying. This week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we did interviews with 22 applicants. One applicant withdrew. Hopefully by next week we will have chosen 9 applicants for the positions. We will then meet with them to go over the requirements they must complete to be on the fire ground.

We have had our pump certifications completed, and they all passed. We are working on completing the small items that were listed for repairs.  The old Tower 1 that was declared surplus is getting close. I expect one or two more bids in to complete the process.


The City Council will consider an application from the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers (BCTGM) Local 167G to allow trailer parking on public right of way.  The current City Code does not allow trailer parking of any kind on City streets or rights-of-way without Council approval.

There was a request made to have the right turning lane for west bound traffic at the intersection of 4th St and DeMers Ave to be removed.

The Public Works Director will discuss fall cleanup and the possibility of adding multi-family residential units to the fall cleanup schedule.  Fall Cleanup is October 1-5 with Household Hazardous Waste pickup on October 6.

The council will receive an update on the Water and Light Commission.