Work Session 9-11-2012

The packet and agenda for Tuesday evening’s work session can be found on the City Council web page.


The City Planner will discuss a proposed grant application to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) under the Legacy Regional Parks and Trails program.  The City proposal is to provide major enhancements to the LaFave Park area of the Greenway Trail system.  Improvements would include designate fishing platforms, a natural playscape area, and improved landscaping and foliage.  The proposal is already included in the adopted Greenway Trail Plan for East Grand Forks.  East Grand Forks has two of just a handful of parks and trails in Northwest Minnesota that are deemed having “regional significance.”  Therefore, staff believes the city’s application will be highly competitive.  Staff recommends a small local match to the program to maximize competitiveness.

Staff from the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) will recommend the adoption of new policies that resulted from the recent federal triennial audit of transit operations.  The first is to adopt a formal public participation policy.  The second is to adopt a revised procurement policy.  The third and final one is to adopt standard operating procedures and policy reference.  Due to the length of both the procurement policy and operation procedures, a copy will be available in the administration office to look over or can be emailed to you at your request.

A property owner of Pinehurst Ct will request the City assume ownership and maintenance of a gravel alley in the neighborhood located in the Water’s Edge 2nd Addition.  The location of the rear alley is designated as a utility easement, which is typical with any lot in the City.  There is no known record, however, of approval of this area as a public dedicated alley.

The City Attorney will discuss an agreement with Dakota Carrier Network (DCN) to install fiber optic lines in the city easements.

The Finance Director and Brenda Kreuger of Springsted Incorporated will present a proposed bond financing package for 2012.  The proposal finances two pieces of equipment, portions of three special assessment paving projects, and one bond refinancing. The equipment purchases include the new aerial truck for the fire department and the motor grader for Public Works.  The special assessments include the city-funded portions of 15th Street NW, Greenway Boulevard and 13th Street SE, and 14th Street SE.  Finally, the package includes a call and refinancing of the City’s 2003 bond issue.  The proposed refinancing includes a present-value return of about 12 percent.  Generally, the state requires a three percent savings on a refinancing package.  Anything over 5 percent is considered good.  A 12-percent savings is excellent.  Overall, the anticipated interest rate on the bonds is under 2.5 percent.

The Public Works Director will present an agreement with American Crystal Sugar to accept copper nitrate into the city’s waste water system.  The Public Works Department after extensive research and discussions with the Minnesota Department of Health has determined that the impact on the waste water system will be negligible.  The agreement outlines the terms and conditions under which the company can release compounds into the waste water system.