Weekly Memo 9-7-2012

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Swimming Pool Working Group

The Swimming Pool Work Group convened on Thursday to talk with Brian Beckler of OLC Architecture.  The primary topic was the council-approved pool feasibility study that will kick off in a couple weeks.  Mr. Beckler also answered questions from Council members and representatives from Save Our Pool.  He described some of the elements of the aquatic center concept design that he developed (attached).  OLC has partnered with EAPC Architects and Engineers locally on several projects including the Choice Wellness Center in Grand Forks.  They work closely with Ballard King and Associates, which will perform the pool feasibility study for East Grand Forks.


Police Department, Chief Mike Hedlund

School Safety – School is back in session in East Grand Forks and that means drivers need to be extra careful as many students will be walking or riding their bicycles to school.  Slow down and be extra careful and help us keep this a safe school year!  Parents who bring their children to school need to remember that the drive through areas at New Heights, South Point and Central Middle School are for loading and unloading only!!  Officers will be ticketing vehicles that are left unattended in these areas.  If you need to walk your child into school please use the parking areas and not the drive through areas.  In addition parents dropping off children at New Heights are asked to not use the drop off area on the South side of the school.  This is for bus pick up/drop off only.  Thank you!

EGFPD Awards Ceremony – The East Grand Forks Police Department will be holding an awards ceremony on Wednesday September 19, 2012 at 2:00 PM in the city council chambers in the EGF City Hall.  The ceremony will include awards given to citizens in appreciation for assistance provided to the department and to officers from the department for things such as years of service, advanced certifications, and lifesaving.  Refreshments will be served following the ceremony and the public is welcome!

Public Works Department, Jason Stordahl


When you look around road sides and on levees in town, I’m sure that you have seen a low growing, wiry, yellow flowered plant growing.  This plant is called Birdsfoot Trefoil (Lotus corniculatus).  It has been an increasingly invasive plant in this area throughout the years, and can displace desirable vegetation (in this case grass).

We have treated Birdsfoot Trefoil in the past with the same chemical that we use to treat dandelions.  But lately this chemical has not produced desired effects on our trefoil.  So we are switching things up a bit for our fall spraying program.  We purchased a different chemical and have been applying varying dosages of the chemical to small test plots throughout the city.  We will continue to monitor the effects of the chemical.  If we see good results we will then treat larger portions of the city with hopes of good results.  If all goes well you will not see that little yellow, wiry plant around your levees or along curbs in the City!