Council Meeting 8-21-2012

The following are the proposed agenda items for Tuesday evening’s regular City Council meeting.  The agenda and packet can be found on the City Council web page.


The consent agenda includes a gaming permit, a new On Sale Liquor License, and the request to fill a vacancy for City Clerk in the Administration Office.

Item 8 is to reconsider the resolution to affirm the waste water interconnect project and to direct staff to update projections.  Mayor Stauss vetoed the resolution.  The City Charter requires six votes to override the veto.

Item 9 requests approval of an asphalt overlay on 5th Street NE to level some large dips and bumps.

Item 10 declares the old aerial platform truck as surplus property.  The Interim Fire Chief has attempted solicited buyers.  But the truck may not be worth significantly more than the approximately $8000 in salvage value. I recommend that the Interim Fire Chief dispose of the property in any expedient and cost effective manner, including scrap, if necessary.

Item 11 requests approval of an agreement with the Grand Forks Air Force Base for Mutual Aid Fire Protection and Hazardous Materials Incident Response.  The City Attorney has reviewed and approved the agreement.

Item 12 is a resolution to support the Great Minnesota Regional Parks and Trails Coalition position on state Legacy funding.  The background of the resolution is contained in the Weekly Memo.

Item 13 considers a request to grant a Temporary Right to Construct to the Minnesota Department of Transportation.  MnDOT proposes to reconstruct several curbs that are adjacent to crosswalks so that they meet ADA regulations.  There is no cost to the City for project.  MnDOT is offering $500 for each of eight total parcels.  The primary downside to the proposal is that some sidewalk corners that are currently brick pavers will be replaced by concrete.  That will affect the crosswalk areas only. I have asked MnDOT to design the areas so that as much brick paving as possible can remain while allowing for ADA compliance.  The preliminary draft plans are contained in the packet.  Additionally, the Council may choose to reconstruct the downtown crosswalks at the same time next year.  The current crosswalks are stamped concrete to appear as gray stone pavers.  The crosswalks are aesthetically pleasing, but they are not convenient for those with mobility limitations. They also tend to chip and crack more readily from the elements and from snow removal.  That project will be discussed during the 2013 Budget process.  The motion for Tuesday is simply to allow MnDOT to reconstruct the sidewalks and curbs.

I will also discuss the 2013 Preliminary Budget.  I will introduce the projections for the General Fund on Tuesday.  I will follow with a more thorough discussion of the 2013 budget at the August 28 work session.