Work Session 6-26-2012

The packet and agenda for Tuesday evening’s work session can be found on the City Council web page.

  1. JD Burton, Lobbyist for the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities, will present Coalition’s annual legislative update on Tuesday evening.
  2. City staff will present a draft development agreement with the proposed Minnesota Heights mixed-use development on 4th Avenue and DeMers Avenue.  Staff also will be available to discuss the use of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and any outstanding issues with the Planning Commission.
  3. The City Engineer will discuss assessment projects for 14th Avenue SE (11AJ01) and Greenway Boulevard and 13th Street (12AJ03).  The City advertised the two projects together for bid.  The total bid for both projects combined was below the engineering estimate.  However, property owners for both projects will see increases from the original estimates on their proposed special assessments.  The assessments are higher for two reasons.  First, Greenway Boulevard is eligible for less state aid than originally proposed.  Therefore, the resident portion of that project increases even though the overall project cost is lower.  Second, the 14th Avenue SE portion of the project was higher than estimated.  The City’s portion of the 14th Avenue SE project also increases by about $28,000.  Please note that these estimates include project contingency.  Therefore, the final cost may decrease, but it likely will not increase.
  4. Council Vice President Gregoire and the City Engineer will discuss bid results for the proposed Swimming Pool renovation project (12CP06).  The low bid was approximately $200,000 higher than the design estimate.  The council’s swimming pool committee will meet on Monday and the committee will report with a recommendation to the City Council at Tuesday’s work session.
  5. The Library Director will discuss a proposed a construction oversight with Braun Intertec on the roof renovation project.  This contract is distinct from the construction management contract.  But, it is included in the current project budget.
  6. Council Member Pokrzywinski will update the City Council on other activities of the Library Board.