Work Session 12-13-2011

The packet and agenda for Tuesday evening’s work session can be found on the City Council web page.


  1. Staff from EAPC Architects and FS Engineering will review the feasibility study for swimming pool renovation options.  This item is rescheduled from the previous work session.
  2. The City Engineer will present 2011 Assessment Job 2 and 3.  This project to expand infrastructure at the city industrial park.  The City first applied for a grant from the federal Economic Development Administration (EDA) in early 2009.  The EDA has authorized the City to advertise for bids after much funding delays at the federal level.  Approximately 75 percent of the project is proposed to be funded via grants from the EDA and the state Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).  The remaining portion will be funded via special assessments.  Three businesses will be assessed with the remaining portion assessed to city-owned land.
  3. The City Engineer will present options for the 2012 Transportation Enhancement project on 10th Street NW.  This project is currently awarded under the assumption that the City will close the frontage road off of Highway 2 that runs parallel to 10th Street NW.  The City Council at the last work session indicated its desire to see options with the frontage road open.  If the frontage road remains open, existing funds land availability would allow for shared travel lanes on 10thStreet  NW with a small trail connection from 10th Street NW to 12th Street NW.  The city cost would be a little less than $80,000, most of which is in the 2012 budget.  The only option for a full trail connection to 5th Street NW is to close the off ramp at Hwy 2.
  4. The City Planner will present funding options for two sidewalk and trail systems.  The first is for a path on the east side of Highway 220 from 14th Street to 20thStreet.  The City Council requested investigation of this option at the last work session.  Staff recommends using available federal transit capital appropriations to fund the majority of this project.  That allows the City to continue its Transportation Enhancement (TE) application for the second project, which is a sidewalk on 5th Ave NE from 15th Street NE to 20th Street NE.  If approved, both sides of Central would be constructed in 2013 (the west side is already funded in the TE program).  And, 5th Ave NE would be constructed in 2014 or 2015, if awarded.
  5. MPO staff will present the updated Transit Development Plan.  The MPO will also hold public hearings at later dates on the plan.
  6. The Finance Director will present a proposed rate adjustment as directed by the City Council to establish a reserve fund for a future Waste Water Phase II project.  The rate structure would take effect in April, and the average residential increase would be $5 per month – a $2 per month on meter charges and $3 per month on average water use.  Commercial rates also would increase based on use.
  7. The Public Works Director will discuss repairs to the storm water outlet near the Kennedy Bridge that may allow the 4th Street NW/Highway 2 underpass to remain open longer during high water events.
  8. The Parks and Recreation Superintendent will submit an updated winter burial fee schedule as recommended by the Cemetery Commission.
  9. Chief Hedlund will request a purchase for Mobile Data Computers.  Funds are available in the 2011 Capital Improvements Plan for the purchase.