Council Meeting 12-6-2011

The following are the proposed agenda items for Tuesday evening’s regular City Council meeting.  The agenda and packet can be found on the City Council web page.


Reminder: The Council meeting will start at 7:00 PM due to state law governing Truth in Taxation proceedings.

The Consent agenda includes the following:

  • Declaring as surplus two used police squad cars
  • Approving new rubber tile surface for the Civic Center and the VFW Arena
  • Waiving the statutory general liability limits for the City.  This allows the City to enact a small clause in the City’s insurance policy that caps liability at $1.5 million, rather than $500,000.  The City historically has elected to purchase this small addition to total coverage
  • Approving the new fund balance and investment policies for the City
  • Approving the land sale agreement with the Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (MMPA) to purchase the land site of the wind turbine just east of city limits
  • Approving a gambling license

Item 3 is a scheduled public hearing to take comment on the proposed development ordinance.  The new ordinance would require all infrastructure, including paving, to be installed within three years of final plat approval.  Developers could either install the infrastructure with private financing or could request a special assessment through the City.  The advantage of the proposed policy is that the City Council would no longer find itself in the middle of disputes between developers and housing lot owners regarding the timing of special assessments or infrastructure improvements.

Item 12 is revised Assessment Policy for the City.   The policy includes the City’s current policy on the calculation of front and end benefits.  The revision includes the provision that State Aid road projects shall be assessed at 30 percent of total front benefits and end benefits.

Items 13-16 all pertain the final 2012 Budget.  The City Council will take public comments on the budget and levy.  The final budget contains a no levy increase, although property taxes will increase for most property owners due to state changes to the Market Value Homestead Credit (MVHC) program.  The budget also includes a two utility fee increases.  The street lighting fee will increase $0.75 to $4.50 per month under the proposal. The base storm water fee will increase $1.00 per month to the adjusted rate of $4.50 per month.