Driveway snow removal

I recently came across a brilliantly simplistic potential solution to those pesky “windrows” that result from street snow removal.  Some residents in winter climates feel put off that street plows leave behind snow paths that block access to their driveways.  Cities must clear the streets during heavy snow events.  As such, there is no simple solution to the issue.  But, some friendly Minnesota City Clerks decided to give it shot via e-mail.  Here is the advice from Mark Karnowski, City Administrator of Princeton, Minnesota.

suggest to the residents that they shovel an area about 6’ long and about 3’ deep along the curb to the left of their driveway (as they’re facing the street).  That allows for the snow coming off the city plow blade to slough off before it gets to the driveway.  For people who shovel by hand…this isn’t such a great solution, but for folks who have a snowblower or have someone with a plow clear their driveway, it’s really easy and slick.

Mark does not take full credit for the idea.  But, he pointed me to an online story in Trib Local – Lombard, which evidently is a child publication of the Chicago Tribune.  

Here is a slightly enhanced depiction of the diagram in the article, also courtesy of Mr. Karnowski.

Disclaimer: I cannot attest to the efficacy of this solution.  This is not the official policy of the City of East Grand Forks or its Public Works Department.  Nonetheless, I intend to give it a try in the unfortunate, but likely, instance that we accumulate significant snow fall this winter.  Sometimes the simplest solution is the correct one.

I am curious to hear your thoughts if you have tried this method, if you plan to try this method, or after you have tried this method during our upcoming winter.


By the way, residents can access the city’s snow emergency and the city’s calendar parking ordinances via the City’s web site or direct link here.

And, the City is still soliciting final comments for its Citizen Feedback Survey.  Snow removal is one of the topics!