Work Session 11-22-2011

The packet and agenda for Tuesday evening’s work session can be found on the City Council web page.


There are several items on next week’s work session as we get close to the end of the fiscal year.

  1. Allied Engineering and the City Planner will present the final options for the Northwest Corridor Study.  The study discusses several options for modifications at the intersections of 5th Avenue NW/Highway 2 and 17th Avenue NW/12th Avenue NW/River Road NW.  The final selections that the Council chooses ultimately will weigh into both the 2014 Transportation Improvement Plan and the Long Range Transportation Plan.
  2. The City Planner will also discuss a proposed Transportation Enhancement (sidewalk/trails) project for the 2014-15 funding year.  The proposal would add sidewalk connections primarily along 5th Ave NE from 20th Street near Northland College to 15th Street NE.
  3. The City Engineer and consulting staff will discuss the feasibility study for a proposed swimming pool renovation project.  There are several options available to the Council ranging from approximately $10,000 to $1.2 million.  The options include simply address health and safety codes up to and including an complete renovation of the facility.
  4. Council President Buckalew will introduce a discussion to craft a new assessment policy regarding state aid roads.  The discussion generally has been at what level should residents on state aid roads pay for special assessments.  The current discussion will not include any proposal for street fee implementation.  The proposal(s) will be limited to a percentage of applicable special assessments on state aid roads.
  5. Council Members Pokrzywinski and DeMers will introduce a discussion on regarding adjustments to waste water utility rates.  The Council generally agreed that the City likely will have to address its waste water treatment in the long term whether that solution is in the form of a standalone option or an interconnect.  Therefore, several Council Members have expressed an interest in building a capital reserve fund for the project by incrementally increasing the rate structure.  An gradual rate increase also could decrease the shock value of large-scale rate adjustments when a new project is undertaken.
  6. The Public Works Director will request the Council fill a Waste Water Operator position that will soon be vacated by retirement.
  7. The Parks and Recreation Director will request the purchase of new rubber tile flooring at the Civic Center and the VFW Arena.  The tile, which protect the floor (and others) from ice skates is quite old, and it is beginning to deteriorate.
  8. The Finance Director will propose the adoption of a formal fund balance policy and an investment policy.  The policies do not deviate from the current practice.  However, reporting rules suggest that the City Council formally adopt the policies to guide the financial practices of the City.
  9. I will present the Final 2012 Budget as proposed.  The final proposal includes changes recommended during the budget work sessions in October. And, it includes debt service for a new aerial platform fire truck.  The proposed levy is flat from 2011 to 2012, and the budget is balanced as proposed.
  10. The City Attorney will discuss the final purchase agreement with the Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association for the City to formally assume ownership of the land that encompasses the site of the wind energy turbine located east of city limits.