Work Session 10-25-11

The packet and agenda for Tuesday evening’s work session can be found on the City Council web page.

The City Council will hold its regular work session on Tuesday.  And, the final budget work session will be on Wednesday at 5pm back in the Training Room.  Water and Light, EDHA, and planning are on the agenda.  The City Council will also discuss the budget at least two more times at the regular work sessions in November before final passage in December.

The following are the agenda items for Tuesday’s work session.

  1. The Economic Development and Housing Authority (EDHA) Executive Director will review a proposed Request for Proposals (RFP) to develop city-owned land on the corner of DeMers Avenue and 4th Avenue NW.  The location is in the heart of downtown.  Ideally, proposals would consist of mixed use development, which combines commercial and retail space with multi-family housing.  The RFP is substantially similar to the proposal that was developed for the former Civic Auditorium site (and others) in Grand Forks.
  2. I will discuss a proposal from Springsted, Inc to update the City’s pay plan.  The City implemented its uniform pay plan with all employees and labor groups in 2010 and 2011.  But, the plan was already five years old when implemented.  Therefore, the proposal updates the pay plan by performing both internal reviews and external market studies.  Pay plans should be evaluated at least every 5-7 years. And, the timing coincides with the next round of labor negotiations slated to begin in the fall of 2012.