Like many, I have shifted at least a small amount of my focus to the flooding situation in Minot, North Dakota.  My hometown is near Minot. I have several family and friends in and near the rapidly-expanding city.  Ironically, my public service career unofficially began with the City of Minot in 1997.  I relocated there for the summer when I was displaced by another infamous North Dakota flood.   At that time, City Manager David Waind was working on his first budget as the new boss in town (although he had been Assistant City Manager for several years prior) and Mayor Curt Zimbelman had already been on the Council for several years.  I am very confident that Minot has an experience, capable team in place to get through this crisis as well as one can expect.  But, we know all too well that it can be a long road to recovery.  We stand ready to help any way that we can.  Good luck, Minot.