Rally for Ryker

Bygland Lutheran Church and scores of volunteers are hosting the Rally for Ryker benefit on Saturday, 12pm -4 pm, at the Eagles Club in East Grand Forks. Most readers are likely familiar with Ryker’s story.  He has been described as the “Miracle Baby” in various media outlets, including these stories from WDAZ-TV.

Ryker was found lifeless at a daycare facility in early October.  He miraculously came back to life following CPR after not breathing for an estimated 30 minutes.  The progress since that time has far exceeded early expectations.  However, the road to recovery continues to be long, ardous, and uncertain.  Please help Ryker along with his parents, Michelle and Tim, and his big sister, Jaylie, by attending the Rally for Ryker on Saturday. 

Bremer Bank also has an acount to which one can donate for Ryker.  

Rally for Ryker on Facebook