Work Session 11-09-10

The City Council will hold a brief Special Meeting before the Work Session to canvass the municipal election results for the 2010 General Election. Much of the work session will be devoted to the budget, both for 2010 and for 2011.  The Council agenda and packet is on the City web site.

  1. MPO Staff and I will discuss 2011 Work Plan options with the Council. Two recommendations include a traffic study for 5th Avenue NW and a development ordinance study. The latter would provide a final recommendation back to Council regarding how an ordinance would be structured so that new developments would require full infrastructure at the time of development.
  2. MPO Staff will discuss the new Paratransit and Senior Rider contract. The Costs have increased significantly as expected. The City is responsible for only 15 percent of the increase. The 2011 Budget anticipates the increased costs.
  3. I will recommend a clarification of the recently-adopted Rescue Unit Fee to adopt a $3.50 per unit charge on multi-unit properties that have consolidate their utilities on one bill. Most multi-unit properties have individual accounts for each tenant. A few such as Good Samaritan Heritage Grove, Sunshine Terrace, and Edgewood Vista, have all of their utilities on one account. This policy amendment would allow the city to collect on each unit in those properties while allowing a discount for potential vacancies and for ease of administration with consolidated billing.
  4. Finance staff will briefly present the 3rd Quarter analysis. The City will likely see a small deficit in 2010 as a result of continued LGA cuts. Fortunately, the City has continued to trim expenditures so that the resulting loss is less than the revenue than the State cut from the City in March 2010.
  5. The City Council will begin its final deliberations on the 2011 Proposed Budget. The discussion will include a summary of the Proposed Budget along with options to reduce proposed levy. The City Council will have, at minimum, next week, the work session on November 23, and the Regular Council meeting on December 7th to deliberate the proposed budget. The fifth Tuesday of November 30 is an open date should additional meeting time be necessary.
  6. The Finance Director will present regularly-budgeted debt and construction transfers.
  7. The Finance Director will present budget amendments for 2010.