Council Work Session 10-26-10

Agenda Items

  1. The City Engineer will present the final rolls for assessment projects. The Council will file the rolls at the next Regular Council meeting; and schedule public hearings for November 16.  The Laurel Drive project does not require an additional public hearing because the roll has been filed and the final cost was lower than the initial roll.  The City will adjust the final roll to reflect the reduced cost.
  2. Representatives of the Firefighter Relief Association will discuss its pension plan with the City Council.
  3. The Parks and Recreation Superintendent received quotations to replace the damaged bleachers at Stauss Park.  The City’s property insurance will pay for the bleachers as a result of damage from a windstorm.  This item can also be reduced from the 2011 Proposed Budget.
  4. The Public Works Director will present quotes for lift station maintenance.