Quick Hits

Some leftovers from last week’s Weekly Memo.

“Spice” Update

The City recently received correspondence indicating that the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy is beginning the process of adding so-called synthetic cannabinoids, sometimes referred to as “Spice” among many monikers, to its list of Schedule I controlled substances.  This would, in effect, make illegal the distribution of Spice.  A recent article in the Duluth News Tribune discussed the Board’s potential actions.  The same article noted that a US District Judge recently ordered the City of Duluth not to enforce that city’s recently-passed ordinance that banned Spice. No further court hearings have been scheduled.

Minnesota state revenues up slightly

The League of Minnesota Cities noted last week that state revenues are up slightly from the previous projections.  The news is mixed, at best.  Revenue projections increased from the last quarter by $22 million.  Most of the gains were in sales taxes and the corporate income tax.  However, the overall current biennial shortfall is still $77 million. 

Minnesota 2020 Analysis: Emmer’s Plan for LGA

Last week’s CGMC in Brief referenced an analysis of Representative Tom Emmer’s budget plan from the Minnesota 2020 think tank.  The analysis indicated that total city and county aid programs would be cut by over 57 percent in Emmer’s plan.  For East Grand Forks, this translates into an average property tax increase of $475 per year.  Unfortunately, Minnesota 2020, which is generally regarded a liberal think tank, did not provide similar analyses for the budget plans put forth by the Dayton or Horner campaigns.