Council Work Session 10-12-10

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Onto the discussion…

The Council has just two items on Tuesday evening’s work session agenda. But, they should generate some discussion.  One can view this week’s Council packet here.   

  1. LaFave Multi-Use Trail.  The City Council tabled action on the proposed LaFave trail reconstruction project at the last regular Council meeting. The Council will discuss a proposed alternate that would reduce the scope of the reconstruction but still would provide a connection from the LaFave area to existing facilities along the greenway.
  2. Street Maintenance Parking. Chief Hedlund will present a parking ordinance proposal that would enforce year-round calendar parking. The current calendar parking system restricts parking for all residents on at least three days per week during winter months. And, residents cannot easily distinguish the days on which calendar parking is in effect for each street. The new proposal would restrict parking just one day per week in each maintenance district. And, each maintenance districts would have clearly-defined boundaries similar to street sweeping and refuse collection. The snow emergency ordinance would change to a tag system that allows 24-hours for a vehicle to be removed from the street for snow clearing. 

Correction: the Upcoming Meetings section of the recent Weekly Memo incorrectly listed October 11 as the next State Aid Task Force meeting.  The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 18, as the Update section noted.